Not For Me, but For You.



I love to stress the fact that the message that design conveys is fluid. To each person we touch, we never know what they’ll try do or think first. We as designers have a great responsible to speak to many different kinds of people, sometimes worldwide, and get the message across. In Adobe’s blog, which is where I found this article, Cathi (the author) talks not only about the importance of designing for them not us, but about the message, as well as the devices we’ll be designing for.  So much truth, thanks Cathi.

You will never hear the words “print is dying” come out of my mouth, not yet, but it’s quite true. We’re moving towards the digital age and if we as designers, marketers, and creative thinkers want to keep up with the masses, we have no choice other to evolve as well.  Moving from desktop to digital isn’t just about resizing something. But it’s also about habits and psychology and putting the users first in all that we do. What comes first? What comes last?

Personally, I love the direction that the industry is moving. I’m on the train to digital town, and I strive to push my skills and learn new ones in order to keep up. We have a fun and challenging job, but we’re design warriors. We’ve got this!

Read the article here: Put the User First


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