Rise up, designers, and thrive!

Just yesterday I downloaded a new app  for the ios app store. The App is called Nuzzle ( I know adorable right?) and it feeds directly from Twitter and shows me only the top trending stories that I am interested in. 

I can across the headline: Designers: 2017 is the year to find your purpose. It really wasn’t a bad read. Starting out discussing the titanic that is/was 2016. There is no denying how much truth is dripping from that statement. 

Anyway, the article went on to discuss how much impact we have on this planet as designers and how we need to be using our super power for good. Don’t settle in life, ever, designer or not. We as designers and artists are masters of emotions. Don’t work for unethical people, companies too, and get stuck in a sad depressing rut. We run with more than we know.

It’s true. Not to put designers on a pedestal and say that other professions aren’t great. But to come into this next year really pushing for fantastic design. Every pixel counts. Weed out the bad and bathe in the good.

2017 will be our year! Make people weep tears of joy, laugh, love; feel those emotions deep inside that they never knew existed. Tells stories and have some fun while doing it. So rise up, be heard,  love what you do, and design with purpose! 


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