Wheat Thins, Wheat Thins, Wheat Thins! 

I’m a Family Guy fan for sure. I mean,  if I could live on Spooner Street with Peter and Lois and the whole gang,  I totally would. Seth Mcfarlane is a cometic genius. Nuts, that guy! 
Lisa Topol at Grey New York really lays it down for us the reasoning and inspiration behind this funny Family Guy/ Wheat Thins ad. The repetition of this ad is slightly annoying,  yes. But it’s understandable with the shenanigans of Stewie and Brian and their dynamic.

 Topology and team really took advantage  of Stewie’s constant emphasis of the H sound (which is a bit of an inside joke for those Family Guy fans) . And combined that with the dry humor of Brian and the Wheat Thins brand. 
Family Guy is at the top of its game. And now Wheat Thins is too. Like Lisa mentioned in the video, it turned Wheat Thins from a  bit of a “stale” brand into a fresh new thing. Munch on that guys! 

Watch the video here 


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