The Demise of Flat? Or Maybe Not


Above is the new Guinness logo. I learned about the new design through various channels, and came across it from my go to design inspire site, Creative Bloq. Many say it’s the end of flat,  minimalistic design.  Others have a different opinion. I think it does alright in this case for what it stands for,  the history behind it and the path it’s going down now. Those are all of things you have to remember when doing a redesign for a real old brand such as Guinness.

Personally,  I like minimalistic design. Too much junk in the trunk doesn’t do any good for anyone. It’s hard for some not to want to lay down many many elements in order to tell an engaging story. Sometimes it’s needed. Sometimes it’s not.  It all depends on the situation.  But the rule of minimal will always live on. Clean,  fresh,  timeless design.

Nothing is everything.


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