Game Changer

The Oculus Rift is still in its baby stages.  As is the entire concept of virtual reality.   Many marketers,  advertising,  designers,  etc. are looking at VR to somehow step up their communication game.

Everyone is always looking for the next big thing. But is this it? I’d say yes.  Our world has always tried to move forward. First skyscrapers, then cell phones,  now this? What’s next? We will continue to move forward. I’m still waiting for my teleportation machine to arrive in the mail. Yeah,  I’m looking at you Amazon!

Oh yes, indeed.  The Oculus Rift has already changed the rules of the game. Immersive play,  escape from reality,  content based. This is a huge opportunity for all of us as communicators,  as designers,  to really push our boundaries with this one. To really see what VR is capable of. How are we gonna change the world if we don’t get our feet a little wet?!


Read all about it from Adweek


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