Virtual Reality Shift

The virtual reality world has become a big business. And it’s set to grow even more within the next few years. It kind of feels like the dawn of a new era. Like back when Walkmans were phrasing and cd players were taking their place. Many of us felt . . . afraid, but excited at this new, crazy thing. But we were unsure if it was going to be a simple passing thing or not. Of course, like with all tech, it did pass. Only to be quickly replaced by MP3s. That part makes me wonder if this “virtual reality” thing will also last? And for how long?

But for now, let’s all just enjoy the virtual ride that this is giving us. Check out this super sweet link of VR movies. Check it out here!   You be the judge, do you give VR a big thumbs up and a thumbs down? Why?


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