Don’t Lick That!



Ice Cream is sweet.  Sponges are useful,  in their own way, too.  But together, what can they possible accomplish? These two above photographs are apart of a series of images created by PUTPUT (pc).(

Individually, both of these products represent different things in their own right. But what does it say about them together. What story is told when suddenly objects that fall on completely opposite ends of the spectrum, are morphed together? The creator said it best,  it is a visual double take.
Look closely,  not everything is as it seems.

It’s hard to look at at first. Like me you’re probably thinking, “Gee I’d sure like some ice cream right about now.”  And you can picture just that in the place of those sponges. On the other hand, sponges remind you of cleaning and that just won’t do.  Not when there’s ice cream to be eaten.


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