The Gut Reaction Test

As a designer,  coming up with a logo is difficult and different process than anything else.  I mean, you can do the research,  look at the competition,  sketch it out. And still. . . Nothing.  Sometimes you spend hours on a logo and still have no clue what you’ve just done. Did I do it right? Is that typeface working?  Do I even like what I’m looking at?

Logos are really a big deal.  They have to do many things all at once.  They have to tell a pretty good story. They have to be clear,  and the most important thing is that they have to look good.

Below,  you’ll find a link to a pretty damn good list of logo tips.  Logo Tips

1. Do the gut reaction test

2. Does it work?

3. Good logos make sense

4. Have courage

5. Take a step back. 


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