In a galaxy far far away


If I ever get a chance to talk about certain movies, I do. Now, I know that this blog is reserved for design and photography,etc. But since this is the ART inspired by the films, I think it’s allowed. Right? I’m back to my prime design hunting location, Creative Bloq. Which is where I found this gem. Like I said, this a book overflowing with art inspired by the films that we all love, or maybe you don’t love them. Yes, I do agree (I’m sure) some of you readers, it’s easy to hate on the prequel trilogy. Especially the last two featuring the slightly whiny Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker turned Darth Vader). But that’s for another blog post.

It’s a limited edition collector’s item. And if I was an ultimate hardcore Star Wars collector I’d be all over this baby. But sadly, that hasn’t been, nor will it be, my future. I have not read the books (sorry, don’t stone me please) so I’m not a MEGAfan. But I’m a  fan enough to know, and understand what’s going on just by watching all of the movies and having my little brothers own enough of the Star Wars  LEGO sets.

The book features a talented illustrator (and fellow Game of Thrones fan) by the name of Andy Fairhurst . He did a illustration of Darth Vader that I adore! (Follow him on Instagram: AndyFairhurst172) HIs instagram also features other illustrations of Game of Thrones and ET!

I love to look around in the art world and take a look at what other artists are doing. Keeping the wheel in my head aturnin’ and staying inspired.

Stay Golden!


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