Sketch away. . . Just do it please! 

As my sketch books are filling up with random ideas for even more random projects, I’m in the market for another sketchbook. Many of my sketchbooks over the years have been Moleskines. Those are the go-to brand for many of my designer friends that I know. But we all know they’re crazy expensive. And I need something cheaper, especially since they fill up so fast. It’s fun to look back and see the origins of many projects. 

Sketching is important. Some artists don’t sketch, which may work for them. I do. It helps me organize out all of my thoughts on paper. It’s my official “brain dump” (see blog post “Halos and Horns: Rule 1”). Many people are afraid to sketch simply because they don’t think they can draw. But sketching isn’t drawing. Those ideas are just that, ideas, and most likely no one but you will ever see them. As long as you know what it is that you’ve done later, who cares what everyone else think. These sketches are for you anyway. Just to get everything on paper so you don’t forget later. 

So grab a notebook or a piece of paper and sketch, sketch, sketch. 


One thought on “Sketch away. . . Just do it please! 

  1. Kristina B. says:

    Try Field Notes ( They’re a little smaller than the normal moleskine but they come in packs of three and they’re a few dollars cheaper. Also, Blick has some good ones too for a lot less. I just got a Cachet sketchbook from there and I like it. It’s also good with markers if you use that. Plus, blick is always having pretty good sales.

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