Halos and Horns: Rule #2 Fix your face

One of the greatest things about my personal freelance business,  is that I rarely have to see my clients in person.

Sometimes this is the best thing in the world, especially when they are being difficult. It’s nice to be able to step back from my computer and scream and rant and do a couple face palms about these difficult people.

But whenever you have any kind of contact with clients,  you must remain professional. Emails can be misinterpreted anyway so you want to keep a “happy tone.  Even if you have to run out and buy some smiley stickers to pasted on your face. It’ll be worth it,  not to lose a client, and get the job done.

Now I’m not saying to sell your soul in order to finish a job, (though sometimes it feels like it). Don’t let people walk all over you!  I’m saying to be as professional as possible just to see the job through. After a difficult client, always remember to buy yourself something nice. A big something!

And savor that moment of victory, because it’ll happen again.

Stay golden friends!


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