Halos and Horns: Rule #1 Brain dump

Now, just because it says “rules” doesn’t mean that you have to follow them. Just think of this series of posts as “guidelines”, “suggestions” from a designer who’s been there.

When I first begin my journey deep into the Alice in Wonderland of designing a project.  I like to “dump my brain” as they say. After all of the research and time setting up everything, I like to just dive right into the deep end of the pool. In the case of logo design, I like to sketch many, many logos. Sketch like mad. Pages full. Those are tricky little things in the fact that they need to pack in so much meaning, without looking too muddy or busy. I love to dump my brain of any and all words, phrases, graphics, and small sketches associated with that company and/or topic. Don’t worry about perfecting any of them. That comes AFTER the clients chooses 1, or even 2 or even 3 ideas to move forward with and explore further.

The beginning of the process is when it’s incredibly important to keep your client in the loop and make sure everyone is on the same page. That much is true for any project of course, but especially with logos because they have to represent all that that company stands for within a small space. And who better to know exactly what that is, then the client, or the contact for that company (hopefully!).

Oh and one more thing, never give the client any choice of prelim logos that you don’t really like. There’s a 99.999% chance that they will choose that one! And then, you’re stuck working with a logo that you hate!

Believe me, I’ve been there!



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