New Series: Halos and Horns

Many people are curious as to what my process is when I design something for a client and how I get to the other side without pulling my hair out completely.  Well,  there is no one real answer to that question. So I’ve decided to answer this question in series of posts and calling them “Halos and Horns: a designer’s guide to getting there”.  Many people have heard of the site  ” Clients from Hell”.  This will be based on that. But of course not fully,  since there are such things as diamond clients.  But of course those are rare.  Very rare. I’ve managed to snag one which I will share later.  Then there are the clients in the middle,  who sport both halos and horns.  Sometimes even at the same time! So stay tuned, to see just how I “get there”. 

Stay golden friends!


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