21 things creatives wished they’d known aged 21.

21 Things Creatives Wished They’d Known aged 21

This is an interesting article. There are many things that I have learned, as a designer, over the last few years since turning 21, but there are also many things I have yet to learn. The thing is, you never stop learning. You never stop reaching out and grasping any bit of knowledge. One of the pieces of advice that really stuck with me from this list was the last one from Rebecca Storry. She writes, “Don’t believe there are rules. There is only advice. There is only opinion. Not everyone will love your work. Not everyone will even like your work. Some people will downright hate your work. Don’t put energy into pursuing the fantasy of universal adoration. You’ll get your heartbroken and your work will suffer as a result.”

It’s true. Especially in the creative fields, that “what’s good” and “what’s great” really is a matter of opinion. It’s hard to be rejected for something you’ve created. But it’s best to keep pushing. Always push. Kill your darlings. Listen to advice, but that also doesn’t mean that you have to take it. Trust your gut! Fight for fantastic, and don’t be afraid to step into the spotlight and become someone that you never thought you could be.


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