Urban McDonalds?

Okay, I bet you have the same shocked look on your face that I just had minutes ago. Yes, my description for this blog says “design”, but a piece of my heart also belongs in the ad world since that is what I’m completing my masters in.

I follow the website “Creative Bloq”. It’s an interesting mix of design, advertising, and motion graphics news in the world. Looking around there is morning I found the newest McDonald’s ad. In my opinion, it’s misplaced. It’s not the cutsey, calm, fun things that usually come from “the clown man” corp. It’s edgy, it’s hardcore, it’s totally and completely out there . . . and in this case I think it’s fallen short of it’s goal. The unwrapping and drinking McDonald’s products at the end, followed by the golden arches and the singsong slogan, felt forced. Like this ad could have been for anything (spray painting building — wait isn’t that illegal?,  a city announcement, anything!) The designs produced on the building were beautiful and the talent of the artist(s) shown through quite nicely. But I think it failed. Trying to be “cool” and “fresh” definitely dimmed the golden arches just a bit.

We’ll have to see what’s next for Ronald!


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