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The evolution of  branding. All types of brands go through a plethora of change. As the popular culture of the specific needs of one time period evolves, so do the items of the time. What’s new, what’s great, what’s hip!

Right now, in 2017, the design world seems to be reaching for bright colors and minimalism. What’s clean, sharp, and vibrant takes over the messy and dull.

But don’t fret folks. We’ll be saying deja vu soon enough. Just give it a few years

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Play Doh: Where Grown-up Kids Come to Play

These out of this world creations are the brain child of Play doh, working alongside DDB Paris. Wanting to stay within the “DNA” of the brand, DDB worked with the product itself, using more than “948 pots for a total of 71 characters, 15 trees and exactly 25,483 blades of grass”. Woah! That’s dedication.

“‘The World of Play-Doh’ is proof that if you don’t forget how to dream like a child, beautiful things happen,” says executive creative director Alexander Kalchev. “We hope the world looks a little bit more like that in the years to come; it depends on us and what we teach our children.”}

The campaign in full is set to debut in the Fall of this year. But just the sneak peak is breathtaking. Both children and children at heart will be amazed.

Swell job DDB and Play doh!

Check out the full article here

Bulletproof Cleans Up Oscar Mayer Package Design



Oscar Mayer . . . the brand of weiners that everybody [most people] reaches for on the 4th of July [everyday?]. I’m sure the song is beginning it’s playback in your head right about now, isn’t it? It’s a classic, yes, but that doesn’t mean that it’s branding can’t stand for an upgrade. This update and new look chases an entire recipe change to an entire line of products for Oscar Mayer. It’s so new, vibrant, and fresh, which is the feeling that OM is trying so hard to put out there.

Go weiners Go!


Not For Me, but For You.



I love to stress the fact that the message that design conveys is fluid. To each person we touch, we never know what they’ll try do or think first. We as designers have a great responsible to speak to many different kinds of people, sometimes worldwide, and get the message across. In Adobe’s blog, which is where I found this article, Cathi (the author) talks not only about the importance of designing for them not us, but about the message, as well as the devices we’ll be designing for.  So much truth, thanks Cathi.

You will never hear the words “print is dying” come out of my mouth, not yet, but it’s quite true. We’re moving towards the digital age and if we as designers, marketers, and creative thinkers want to keep up with the masses, we have no choice other to evolve as well.  Moving from desktop to digital isn’t just about resizing something. But it’s also about habits and psychology and putting the users first in all that we do. What comes first? What comes last?

Personally, I love the direction that the industry is moving. I’m on the train to digital town, and I strive to push my skills and learn new ones in order to keep up. We have a fun and challenging job, but we’re design warriors. We’ve got this!

Read the article here: Put the User First

A Visual Exploration of Classic Type With A Contemporary Lens

I find it quite fascinating that the past is slowly revealing itself to us once more. Things from the past really are making a comeback; including,  but certainly not limited to,  our typefaces.  This morning I came across an article about a type book.  Not just any old book all about type,  but a really great look into the old becoming new again. 

It really is fascinating to see the history of the times.  In every decender,  in every crossbar. Just like how when creating our own history now,  in 2017.  And someday,  this time too will be history. 

Like with other design, sometimes you just have to return to what used to be and review with new eyes. 

Check out the book here.   

Rise up, designers, and thrive!

Just yesterday I downloaded a new app  for the ios app store. The App is called Nuzzle ( I know adorable right?) and it feeds directly from Twitter and shows me only the top trending stories that I am interested in. 

I can across the headline: Designers: 2017 is the year to find your purpose. It really wasn’t a bad read. Starting out discussing the titanic that is/was 2016. There is no denying how much truth is dripping from that statement. 

Anyway, the article went on to discuss how much impact we have on this planet as designers and how we need to be using our super power for good. Don’t settle in life, ever, designer or not. We as designers and artists are masters of emotions. Don’t work for unethical people, companies too, and get stuck in a sad depressing rut. We run with more than we know.

It’s true. Not to put designers on a pedestal and say that other professions aren’t great. But to come into this next year really pushing for fantastic design. Every pixel counts. Weed out the bad and bathe in the good.

2017 will be our year! Make people weep tears of joy, laugh, love; feel those emotions deep inside that they never knew existed. Tells stories and have some fun while doing it. So rise up, be heard,  love what you do, and design with purpose! 

If everything was different

You guys know that I enjoy keeping up with the  latest advertising as well as design. There was an interesting spot I saw this morning about what would take place given a role reversal between men and women concerning breastfeed. It was a hilarious ad, and obviously many people were quite vocal about the subject on social. It defiantly hits home the point of what struggle moms  face when trying to find  a place to feed their little ones. It’s quite eye opening. 

Check out the link here